Thursday, 22 November 2012

YES! I'm inlove. lol

I’ve always wanted my love story to be like the fairy tales that I grew up knowing. Before I’ve always took time to look for that special someone that would love me, but listen this is not simply a matter of finding a man who would love me as I am but most importantly I want to make myself fit for that man so I chose to be single for months kaya sabi ko sarili ko eh I’ll leave it to GOD na lang because I know that he will make his own ways para makilala ko si Mr. Right and I know that there will come a time that me and my prince we’ll come and find our way towards each other at di nga ako nagkamali.
I couldn’t believe that I finally found him and that I made him mine. Ang swerte ko lang siguro o sadyang we’re just meant for each other. Everyday I was filled with so much love and found a good reason to look forward to each and every morning that came to me, his text messages na parang nobela sa sobrang haba pero punung-puno ng sweet thoughts na tamang-tama lang to start my day with a smile. I was thankful for EVERYTHING, the circles of his love that embraces me every time he tells me that he loves me and for a while, everything made a PERFECT SENSE.
I don’t know when, where or how did this happen, all I know is that I’ve fallen for him without any exact reasons. I just feel the air out of my chest and butterflies on my stomach whenever i’m talking to him. I have never felt this thing for someone else before.
My heart doesn’t want to fall anymore back then until he came. And you have to believe me guys, I really love him and how did I know that I love him so much? Hmm. Here are just some of my evidences kung bakit ko nasabing in love ako sakanya:
1st – Obsession Syndrome – I can’t eat or sleep because my whole world revolves around him and sometimes I caught myself day dreaming about him.
2nd – By just listening to his voice I’ll smile for no reason, yeah parang baliw pero di ba ganun talaga kapag in love. (Haha)
3rd – While I’m thinking about him my heart will really beat as faster and faster.
4th – Superduper inferiority complex – I get annoyed whenever he tells me or make kwento about other girls.
5th – I can’t stay mad at him for more than a minute.
6th – Sometimes I can’t focus on what I am doing because I get conscious with my actions kasi feeling ko nasa likod ko lang siya nakatingin.Haha
7th – Text Jealousy Fever – I can’t help but read his messages over and over again and I would scold him whenever he’s replying so late because I am thinking that his texting other girls.
So there, those are some reasons why nasabi kong in love ako sakanya. And now I want to write in here the reasons why I love him, I know there’s no such words para ma-measure ko yung love ko for him but I’ll put pa din my reasons why ko siya minahal. Okay let’s start.
Why Him? And Why Not?
1. He’s not that too sensitive unlike other boys.
2. Very understanding
3. Supportive
4. Intelligent – when I’m asking for an opinion, he shares his own thoughts about something, he just don’t say “Bahala ka” just to finish the conversation.
5. Has a great sense of humor
6. He knows what he likes and dislikes
7. He respects all my opinions
8. Playful, Creative and Passionate
9. He cares deeply about me
10. Lastly he is financially and professionally responsible person
Boys in love do the sweetest thing! And for me he’s the sweetest man ever. I’m sure you guys are thinking that I’m really lucky to have him but I bet he’s lucky too for having me. Haha ) well I’m just kidding. Actually we’re both lucky to have each other.
Even if I just listen while he’s on his silence I could hear everything that he wanted to say and I know that even if I utter nothing he intended to know all my thoughts and fears inside. He would always tell me that he could read what’s in my mind. And I admit we were alike in many ways!
I wanna kiss his lips because I wanna know how he would take my breath away. It’s amazing how we’ve turn each other on with just saying hello.
I know that we could never assure that things will be fine forever and every time na may tampuhan kami eh feeling ko lage eh ending na ng love story namin, he would always tell me that he will never leave me, and I wanna thank him for that, his assurance that he’ll always here beside me whatever happen but I’ll assure you too that I’ll be here always ‘til the end.
Because of him, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t smile. And I looked forward to each day thinking that everyday brought us closer to that happy ending.
I was once in a dark place, where people speaks differently and I was feeling isolated. I was always in the verge of tears.
Still, there’s no one, whom I can cry on, ‘til nothing left for me but irony,
Until he came, he gave me hope and I no longer felt alone, he brings light
To darkness, he puts a smile on my frown. I felt stronger knowing that he’s always there for me
That I found in him a LOVE that I know will last FOREVER.
I don’t have any idea how to end this entry so i just wrote a short poem for him and i hope that he’ll like it.