Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Make me a promise

Can you do me a favor? make me a promise. I know promises are hard to keep, but make me a promise. Promise me genuineness. Promise me that I can always talk to you no matter what our relationship status is. Promise me you’ll never leave for reasons unexplained or unjustified. Promise me that I can always talk to you whenever I need you, about whatever I need to talk to you about. Promise me that if something happened between us, you won’t say things that aren’t true. Promise me that I won’t be like the anybody else to you. Promise me that I will never be a regret. Promise you wont lie to me, just to make things seem like their okay. Promise that if I do something wrong you’ll talk to me about it. Promise to never take anyone’s word over mine. Promise me that the moment you start to not love me anymore, you’ll tell me and last but not least, promise me that you’ll love me with all you have, because I promise to love you the same. ♥

How do you heal a broken heart? ♥

No one enters a serious romantic anticipating a breakup, Right? But it can happen out of the blue. And no relationship is exempted from it. Breaking up with someone you deeply care about can mean a bitter fall from the heights of joy to the depths of rejection.
Dreams can turn to nightmares and desires in depression. However, a broken heart need not leave you in pieces. I hope that this entry could be a big help for those who’s hearts a broken..
Don’t fall apart. Smile, even though you’re saying this lines to him/her, “ I’m sorry you feel this way. I was hoping our relationship would be a long-term one. But I respect you too much to try to force you love me I hope we can remain friends, but the most important things is to allow God to lead us. ” This speech can blow the other person away, that’s for sure. Idk if it’s okay that you’ll be friends pa with your EX, but for me it’s really necessary for the both of you to vend alone.
Paving the way for a continuing friendship is okay but if youre the one who’s been left behind eh it’s not a good idea.. You’ll get hurt if may kwenekwento siya sayo na new love niya. Urg, that’s really painful. So stay away muna from that person. You’ll never learn to move on if you’ll continue to dwell with that person. But you don’t have to part as enemies. :│
Don’t do something foolish. A breakup is not the end of the world, regardless of your pain the feelings of rejection are temporary. So don’t do something impulsively that mat alter your life significantly. Unconsciously you may feel that if you do something traumatic, your EX will feel sorry for you and come back but think again. Instead, your foolish actions are a message to the person that you are unstable and that breakup was probably a good idea. Did you get my point?
Don’t try to get back at the person who has rejected you. Words said at the time of breakup can be deadly. Gaano ka man nasaktan o kagalit because of the way you have been treated, you can never resurrect a friendship. And you may end up being the person hurt ng sobra-sobra. :(
Don’t Beg. Oh ___________, I just can’t live without you. You mean everything to me. Please, please… If that’s your attitude eh that person may end up avoiding you because that person can’t take the guilt feeling that you caused. No matter what you think, you can live without that person! I bet! You may not feel that you can, but YOU CAN! Keep telling it to yourself.
Don’t isolate yourself after a breakup. When you’re hurting, you need friends who will support you. Allow your friends to comfort you. You may want to spend some time alone to sort out your feelings, but as soon as possible, get back into reality. Do things that you enjoy. :)) Keep Busy. Set new goals and move on. Healing will come much more quickly this way.
Grieve over your loss. The more serious your relationship, the more painful a breakup will be and the more you need time to grieve. At first may deny that the breakup is actually happening to everyone. As it begins to dawn upon you that this breakup is real and you may experience anger towards the person. Blaming yourself for what has happened. “ If Only..” You may need to discuss your feelings with others so they can help you sort out the reality of the situation from irrational thoughts.
Talk about what you did or didn’t do to cause the breakup. Don’t blame others, this will only add feelings of guilt to your load of grief. Acceptance, taking over and accept the fact that you were not bound for each other. The best thing that I did when the full impacts hits me is to have a GOOD LONG CRY. Sob your heart out. It really works for me..
Don’t jump immediately into another relationship. You need time to heal. Because you are used to being close to another person, you now may crave for the feeling of being happy even for a while. And dito na pumapasok ang word na panakip butas. You’re trying to look for someone who’s available to you that gives you a sense of contentment or feeling of completeness.
Practice some positive SELF-TALK. Remind yourself of all your good qualities.
Treat the other person kindly. There’s a saying na Kapag binato ka ng Bato eh batuhin mo ng tinapay. This will make him/her feel ashamed of himself/herself and God will surely reward you for that. :)) Say something nice about that person. I have a feeling it will surprise him/her and you will probably find feelings of rejection will heal faster when bathe in a positive sprit.
By now you may be thinking, that I could never react to a breakup in a manner that is so cool and calm but I’ve been through it. Yes, I could never react the way you understand it but na feel ko na din yan. At di ka nagiisa. Sometimes we let our anger to rule over us and most of us allow our feelings to dictate our actions. Breaking up causes feelings of anger, rejection and revenge. Too often, without realizing it, we react negatively.
In the cruel world of LOVE, we’ve learned that promises aren’t contracts, kisses aren’t assurance, and sweet words aren’t guarantees. Big hugs aren’t bonds and that NOTHING’S permanent in this life. One day, he’s mine, the next day, he’s GONE. Last night he’s sweet, the next day he’s insensitive..
Loving someone is not always about FAIRYTALES, HAPPY ENDINGS & FANTASIES. But rather it’s all about TRUTH & REALITY. ( Dr.Kuzma, author of Serious about Love )
Past is not as important as our future so look ahead and move on. Someday someone might come into your life and love you in a way you always wanted. Love reforms us but only GOD transforms us. Breakup is one of his ways to make us a better PERSON. :))
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