Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Make me a promise

Can you do me a favor? make me a promise. I know promises are hard to keep, but make me a promise. Promise me genuineness. Promise me that I can always talk to you no matter what our relationship status is. Promise me you’ll never leave for reasons unexplained or unjustified. Promise me that I can always talk to you whenever I need you, about whatever I need to talk to you about. Promise me that if something happened between us, you won’t say things that aren’t true. Promise me that I won’t be like the anybody else to you. Promise me that I will never be a regret. Promise you wont lie to me, just to make things seem like their okay. Promise that if I do something wrong you’ll talk to me about it. Promise to never take anyone’s word over mine. Promise me that the moment you start to not love me anymore, you’ll tell me and last but not least, promise me that you’ll love me with all you have, because I promise to love you the same. ♥

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